Has it ever! In the first week of ASSP Foundation’s year-end giving campaign, the ASSP community has rallied, donating more than $32,000 to date. If you haven’t done so, please take a moment to donate what you can to help the Foundation reach its goal of $50,000. Your donations will help the Foundation complete its mission of providing educational advancement, leadership development, and research opportunities to advance the safety, health, and environmental profession.


The 2018 ASSP Foundation Annual Report Tells Your Story

The 2018 ASSP Foundation annual report tells the stories behind the numbers. It’s an opportunity to step back and celebrate what our donors have done over the past year. Take a look at the stories within the report for a glimpse at how your donations are changing lives.

Hundreds of students are closer to reaching their dreams of graduating as a safety professional and those already in the field have resources to enhance their skillsets. You have funded groundbreaking research on fatigue in the workplace and given the next generation of leaders a chance to understand what’s ahead of them.

It’s been an amazing year. Thank you for letting the ASSP Foundation be part of your story…

View our 2018 Annual Report

Read the testimonials from the students and professionals you have helped:

Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the ASSE Foundation in every way that I am able. I hope that one day I will be able to help or inspire students in the Occupational Safety and Health field to achieve their goals and shape the future of the profession, just as you have helped me.

Carolyn Moore

$2,500 ACIG Scholarship

Indiana University Bloomington: Safety


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Former ASSP Foundation Chair Alexi Carli discusses the important work being supported by the Foundation. "It takes all of us working together in order to advance the profession and take it to where business needs us for the future."