The ASSP Foundation is committed to a safer future for workers. We advance occupational safety and health (OSH), we promote OSH as a career choice, and we help build a sustainable talent pipeline for the profession.

The ASSP Foundation is focused on supporting all kinds of learners by providing free training on topics including Risk Management, Safety Management Systems, fall assessment training and managing your way through a pandemic. Additionally, we are developing resources for career support, helping new students, traditional students, career changers, former military personnel or even current OSH professionals who want to take a next step to enhance their skills.

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Microlearning Courses:
OSHA Susan Harwood Training Grant Program

Training on pandemic response, as well as fall protection all supported by U.S. Department of Labor Susan Harwood Grants!

Fall Protection

Working at height can be hazardous and remains a leading cause of worker injuries and fatalities and OSHA citations. This online self-paced series addresses the three parts of the personal fall arrest system (PFAS) — the “anchor,” the “bodywear” and the “connecting device” – widely known as the ABCs and offers guidance on how to properly implement and use fall protection systems and equipment to effectively advance personal safety programs, increase efficiency and stay OSHA compliant.


Infectious Diseases

Pandemics and widespread outbreaks of infectious diseases can claim millions of lives, disrupt societies, interrupt businesses and devastate economies. To properly respond to such emergencies, planning and preparedness are critical to mitigate the risk and maintain business continuity. The following live, instructor-led courses provide guidance on planning and managing pandemics; review regulations and a legal framework for infectious diseases; discuss industry best practices and more.


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