The Foundation is the charitable arm of the American Society of Safety Professionals, focusing on educational programs that advance the profession we serve, developing tomorrow’s safety leaders, and supporting research to expand the knowledge of the safety community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide educational advancement, leadership development, and research opportunities to advance the safety, health, and environmental profession

Chartered in 1990 by the ASSP Board of Directors, the Foundation exists to provide programs and opportunities to advance the safety profession. The ASSP Foundation leads the safety profession on research initiatives that benefit the global community, while also providing educational opportunities, leadership development, and financial resources to benefit safety students and professionals.

Join us as we stake out our place in the culture of safety, placing the safety community at the crossroads of healthy workers and a flourishing environment.

We do this because safety matters, and no one knows that better than you.

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The 2018 ASSP Foundation annual report tells the stories behind the numbers. It’s an opportunity to step back and celebrate what our donors have done over the past year. Take a look at the stories within the report for a glimpse at how your donations are changing lives.

Hundreds of students are closer to reaching their dreams of graduating as a safety professional and those already in the field have resources to enhance their skillsets. You have funded groundbreaking research on fatigue in the workplace and given the next generation of leaders a chance to understand what’s ahead of them.

It’s been an amazing year. Thank you for letting the ASSP Foundation be part of your story…

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The Foundation's Logo

The Foundation’s shield is more than just a bright, eye-catching logo. It’s a symbol of what the Foundation stands for, our work, and our mission. Take an in-depth look at our logo, what it means, and how it represents everything the Foundation and the safety community works to achieve.

Our Logo

Who We Are

The Foundation's Board of Trustees stems from multiple industries including construction, insurance, manufacturing, and higher education. With a vast array of expertise and years of experience at its disposal, the Board envisions and follows through with plans that affect every aspect of safety.

Linda M. Tapp, CSP

Trish Ennis, CSP, ARM, CRIS
Executive Director
Colorado Safety Association

Donny Burke, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Graduate Program Director, Advanced Safety Engineering and Management
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Dr, Tracey L. Cekada, CSP, CHSP
Chairperson and Associate Professor Safety Sciences Department
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Jan Simon Clark, CSP, CIH
Risk Team Lead
Chevron Pipe Line Company

Martin Jeppeson, CSP, ARM
Director of Regulatory Affairs

David Natalizia
Risk, Safety and Operational Excellence Expert
Bureau Veritas North America

Julius Rhodes
Vice President of Human Resources
American Osteopathic Association

Eric R. Sachleben, CSP
AVP, Risk Control Services
Liberty Mutual Insurance

Cece Weldon, CSP, ARM

David T. Crowley, CSP, CHMM
Senior EHS Director

Jennifer McNelly
Secretary & Chief Executive Officer
American Society of Safety Professionals

Mary C. Goranson
American Society of Safety Professionals

Sarah Martino
ASSP Foundation