What We Stand For

In 2012, after more than twenty years, the we adopted a new logo, a modern and fresh representation of who we are and what we do. Our logo expresses multiple facets of our identity with an eye-catching and meaningful design.

We started with the Foundation’s tagline: Generosity from you, growth within our profession, safety for all. This simple tagline holds the story of the Foundation – because of the philanthropy of our charitably-minded members, the Foundation is able to provide programs that advance the safety profession, keeping more and more employees safe at work and increasing safety everywhere. For brevity’s sake, we pared the story down into three words – generosity, growth, safety – each of which is represented by one shield in the logo.

We used the shield shape to show our connection to ASSP, and just as the three shields overlap and intersect to form another shield at the center of our logo, the Foundation itself is essentially built out of components of ASSP. When the three shields are placed together, they combine into a central, most prominent shield. Unified as such, this strongest shield showcases the collaboration and nurturing side of the Foundation.

The icon is the focal point of the logo, and can be viewed two ways. First, you can see a person reading a book, referencing our successful scholarship and grant program, which has to date awarded more than $1.3 million to deserving students and professionals. Second, you see a lantern, pointing more broadly to the Foundation’s overarching orientation toward lighting the way to a safer tomorrow.

The orange evinces a bright warmth, a bold choice sure to stand out in various applications. We designed this logo to tell our story equally well in print as on the web. The avatar alone will communicate our mission without words, a must-have as we continue expanding our social media presence.

We haven’t changed who we are. We are still committed to guiding the profession forward, still committed to insisting that safety matters. We’re the same Foundation you’ve known all these years, but we are looking ahead. With our new logo – youthful and bright, trustworthy and strong – the Foundation is moving forward, eager to bring the safety profession onward and upward.